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Are you ready to move on from your MSP?

Ask an MSP Expert: What steps do I need to take to be ready for MSP retirement?

Q: Within the next five years, I’d like to retire from the MSP business. I know I’m almost ready to hang up my hat, but I’d prefer to sell my business rather than just close my doors on my employees and loyal customers. What should I start considering now to make my retirement dreams a reality?

One of the toughest decisions a managed service provider needs to make is when to leave the IT services business. Whether you’re 30 years into your IT career or you’re simply ready for a change, figuring out what the next step is can be daunting.

To help you decide what to do next, we talked to MSP-Ignite owner and peer group facilitator, Steve Alexander. With his extensive background in the channel, Steve has seen numerous providers transition their business, so they could effectively step away and retire. He shared the following insight on how to develop a five-year plan, how to build your business so it’s attractive for sale, and how networking can play an important role when you’re nearing your retirement. 

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