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Channel Chat: How joining a peer group can help you find MSP success

Owning an MSP can be lonely. Most of the people you talk to on a regular basis, whether they’re your spouse, your friends, or even other local business owners that you know, don’t understand what it’s like to run an IT services business or the types of challenges you face. That’s one reason why many MSP business owners turn to peer groups for help making their MSP more successful.

Steve Alexander has seen the power of peer groups firsthand. With more than 25 years of experience managing, building, and eventually selling two MSPs, Steve now facilitates business advisory peer groups for IT service providers through his company MSP-Ignite. We sat down and talked to Steve to get his insights on the benefits of peer groups and how MSPs can get the most out of their participation.

Q&A with Steve Alexander of MSP-Ignite

Why should IT service providers consider joining a peer group?

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