About Us

The founding members of MSP-Ignite have been involved in the industry for over fifty years combined.

They have been involved in more than two dozen mergers and acquisitions and have a unique understanding of how to grow recurring revenue as well as the overall value of your business.

MSP-Ignite brings strong strategic vendor partners to the table in addition to an Advisory Board that will help you achieve your financial goals.

We are CompTIA Strategic Partner and work closely with CompTIA to bring value to our peer group members. 

Our Approach

“Many consultants talk too much and say too little. At MSP-Ignite we focus on members helping members while we fill the gaps where necessary.

Our vendor agnostic, zero upsell approach, provides our members with a safe zone to work within. No ties to vendor offerings, long term commitments, advanced payments, or bait and switch to additional consulting services. Our month-to-month terms and money back guarantee insures that our members receive the peer-to-peer experience they are craving. Even our financial benchmarking does not require members to change what they are doing. We have been in your shoes and understand your challenges.

Contact us today for an in depth conversation about your goals and what we will do to help you achieve them, without breaking your bank.”