Peer Groups for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)


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Are you a managed services provider? Learn about MSP best practices in your own personalized Peer Group. Our MSP focused peer groups let you compare practices and implement changes that lead to greater success and profitability.

MSP-Ignite offers a peer group experience that is unique to managed service providers in the technology industry. If you are serious about implementing a model for success through sharing and collaboration of best practices this is the best way to do it.

In these groups, you learn from the successes and challenges of your peers, while finding solutions to common problems. MSP-Ignite offers peer groups that are custom tailored to MSPs and always attended by Certified Consulting Partners.

What Is A Peer Group?

No single managed service provider has a monopoly on good ideas. Other MSPs like yours have the same issues, ask the same questions, and face the same problems. We network similar MSPs based on their size, number of employees, relative lines of service, ownership structure, and markets served to find unique solutions to common problems.

  • A group of YOUR peers. Whether you’re a sales person, a business owner, service manager, or sales manager.
  • Proven and trusted peers coming together to share what works and doesn’t work.
  • An opportunity for you to hold yourself accountable to your plans, goals, and ambitions.
  • Leaders, like yourself tackling tough topics; why go at it alone?
  • An opportunity to learn more about business such as sales strategies, understanding financials, or strategic planning.
  • A place to remember why you got in this business in the first place. Get re-motivated and energized about the awesome opportunity you have!
With Our Peer Groups, You Receive:
  • Up to ten peers from non-competing markets acting as your Board of Advisors.
  • Monthly group calls or meetings to cover specific industry topics or get input on your issues.
  • Two meetings a year for two (2) full days at rotating locations where you will be able to clear your head and work on your business.
  • Subject Matter Experts on every call and at every meeting.
  • Discover new ideas that have already been implemented by others.
  • Improve the capacity of your sales, service and other managers.
  • Network with professionals in your industry
  • Share common metrics to determine what needs to change to achieve continued growth.
Why MSP-IGNITE Peer Groups?

We have been involved in Managed Services for over twenty years. There is NO OTHER group of individuals like MSP-Ignite Consultants. We exist to inform and educate you. No other peer group organization contributes what MSP-Ignite contributes to our industry. Joining us is a natural and smart progression. Because MSP-Ignite peer groups are national in scope, members are not operating in competing markets. The result is an intimate network where the expectation of confidentiality is an underlying facet of the group’s inherent design.

Our members know there is no joy in reinventing the wheel. They actively seek new ideas and best practices – not for the sake of building a library, but for the pride that comes from execution that produces results. MSP-Ignite members want to improve themselves – both professionally and personally – and want to fuel that improvement through accountability.

The agenda for each meeting is designed around the needs of the group and toward meeting the concerns and issues that face you in a fast-paced, increasingly complex business. We serve you, not the other way around. We make meetings that are convenient, relevant, impactful, and have no hidden agenda behind the scenes. We have invested heavily in our training and in our development in order to bring you an amazing experience every time. We tailor our meetings around each members needs and provide a supportive and collaborative environment.

Our goal is your growth. Give us a call today at 888.972.0236 and let’s discuss how we can help you plan for continued success.

Benefits Of Joining An MSP-IGNITE Peer Group:
  • Networking
  • Discovering new and innovative ideas
  • Giving and receiving feedback on current business practices
  • Hearing about business practices in other companies from around the nation
  • Engaging in collective problem solving so as to avoid “reinventing the wheel”
  • Improving leadership and management skills
  • Sustaining an action oriented focus
  • Staying ahead of a rapidly changing industry
  • 3rd Party Member Benefits