Client Engagement


MSPs are constantly on a roller coaster between too much time spent engaging with clients and too little. Having a plan that provides for strategic facetime with clients often goes by the wayside in favor of bouncing between pitching the next “must have” solution and justifying the relationship.

There’s an old marketing rule called The Rule of seven. The theory of the widely accepted rule is that an individual needs to see the same message seven times before it resonates or creates an actual call to action. The marketing rule of thumb has been around for ages. Today, given the way we all consume information, many professionals say that the number is as high as 24. While we discuss every aspect of client engagement in our peer groups there is a focus on two things:

  • Obtaining buy-in on new offerings.
  • Maintaining and improving client retention through perceived value.
By creating a strategic plan with a campaigned style messaging approach supported by every member of your team our peer groups will help you improve client retention and buy in on new offerings.